Kohei Hosono



My name is Kohei Hosono(細野 航平). I am a master’s student majoring in computer science and Network Information Systems Laboratory (Sato Lab). My research interests include networking architecture for automated vehicles, especially dynamic map and edge computing.

Until last year, I worked part-time as a web developer at WEB KYOTO, and I still develop web applications as an intern or as a hobby. Currently, I am working as a research assistant in Dependable Dynamic Map 2.0 Consortium, a joint research project with several companies.


Doshisha University

(2020.4 - Present)

MEng, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Information Engineering

Doshisha University

(2016.4 - 2020.3)

BEng, Department of Information Systems Design, Faculty of Science and Technology


Dependable Dynamic Map 2.0 Consortium

(2020.4 - Present)

Research Assistant

Joined a project to conduct research and development for the operation and high reliability of the Dynamic Map 2.0 Platform, and I am engaged in evaluation experiments and external presentations.

Dynamic Map 2.0 Consortium

(2019.4 - 2020.3)

Research Assistant

Participated in a project to conduct research and development on a dynamic map software platform for the realization of automated driving, and engaged in the development of the Dynamic Map 2.0 Platform and evaluation experiments.



Dynamic Map System with Edge Servers for Cooperative Automated Driving


In recent years, connected autonomous vehicles have been significantly studied. Connected vehicles use a variety of sensors capable of sensing their environment. The dynamic map is a standard integration platform. Thus, it incorporates the real-time traffic information into the high accurate 3D map. Due to this unique mechanism, a dynamic map attracts remarkable attention to some applications. However, the increase in traffic volume using a dynamic map platform, in case of overload in the client requests and responding by a single cloud, triggered to increase in the communication time and mislaid the data packets. Therefore, there is a need for a sustainable communication network. To solve this problem, we proposed the multiple interconnected distributed edge geographically in this study. Also, it is a problem to relate the moving vehicles to the edge servers and coordinate between them. Therefore, We are researching a dynamic map that divides an area on the roadway into Lane Sections and assigns edge servers using the IDs based on these sections.



International Conference

Domestic Conference



  • 同志社時報, "座談会 同志社の一貫教育について", 第152号, 2021. [pdf]


Open Lab App

As COVID-19, we developed our laboratory open labs fully reservation-based and developed and released a reservation application. [GitHub]

Lab Monitoring App

We developed an application that can monitor the presence information of a laboratory in real time. For the front-end, we created a PWA-compatible application in nuxt.js, and for the back-end, we created a Node.js function on AWS Lambda to create a REST API server. [GitHub]


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